Inman Aligners are the perfect solution for patients who are suffering from crowded teeth or the protrusion of the front teeth.  If you are looking for a safe, effective, and fast solution for straightening your crowded or protruding front teeth, the Inman Aligner system may be just for you.

The aligner is ideal for use as a stand-alone treatment to prealign teeth in preparation for cosmetic options, including bonding or veneers. Our dentist at Leestown Dental Center can consult with you on Inman Aligners, and help determine whether the appliance is right for you.

Inman Aligners were designed with patients in mind. These removable dental appliances are customized to fit your mouth and give you your desired results both quickly and efficiently. The Inman Aligner is also removable, so you can still eat and drink without having to worry about your dental appliance.

The Inman Aligner system has many benefits, including:

  • Quick results
  • Safe
  • Removable
  • Great value

Treatment time with the Inman Aligner varies, but most patients see the desired results between 6-18 weeks. If you would like to learn more about Inman Aligners, or if you would like to schedule your consultation today, please contact Leestown Dental Center in Lexington, Kentucky today. Our dentist, Dr. Dickson Ufomata, looks forward to helping you achieve a straight, beautiful smile!