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Your oral health often depends on many factors. Even if your teeth are in good condition, they may not have the appearance that you are looking for. If you are hoping for an improved appearance through a tooth restoration, numerous treatments exist within the field of cosmetic dentistry to assist you. One highly effective treatment to consider is dental veneers.

Improving your smile often begins with adjusting your smile on a tooth by tooth basis. Dental veneers are so effective because they can modify your smile by each tooth and give you the smile makeover you desire. They are extremely effective for improving the aesthetics of your smile and can be customized to the exact needs you have for each tooth.

Although you may have a healthy smile, numerous foods and drinks can easily change or discolor your teeth. However, porcelain dental veneers are stain-resistant and will not easily discolor your teeth. This will allow you to continue to enjoy the foods and drinks you love. Furthermore, they are extremely durable and can last up to a decade of continuous use.

In order for your dental veneers to be placed on your teeth, a small amount of tooth enamel removal will be needed. However, it is much less than is needed for a dental crown placement. In addition, dental veneers can even be used to help correct minor malocclusions including spacing issues that may be present with teeth as well as injuries and accidents that may have occurred.

The pinnacle of oral health and a super smile is possible with dental veneers. If you are seeking treatments with dental veneers, we are here to help you. For a thorough diagnosis and treatment, please contact Leestown Dental Center to set up an appointment with Dr. Dickson Ufomata and our team at our dentist office in Lexington, Kentucky by calling us at 859-232-8883.