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Without daily dental care and regular professional treatment by a dentist, untreated dental problems can severely damage a tooth. If a dental problem such as tooth decay or periodontal disease becomes severe enough, it might lead to the loss of one or more teeth. In a severe case, Dr. Dickson Ufomata may need to extract the remains of the tooth or otherwise treat the affected area. Once your mouth has healed, our team at Leestown Dental Center can fill the gaps in your smile with dental implants.

To begin the treatment process, Dr. Dickson Ufomata performs minimally invasive oral surgery to create a channel through the gum to the bone and place a titanium screw into the bone structure. Over time, the titanium screw will fuse with the natural bone tissues in a process known as osseointegration that allows the dental implant to be as firm and stable as a tooth root.

When the period of osseointegration is complete, our dentist will create a dental restoration to complete the dental implant. These restorations can range from a dental crown to full dentures depending on how many teeth need replacing. We often recommend porcelain material because it can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth. However, we can also offer gold or metal alloys, especially for molars and premolars that aren’t visible in your smile.

If you live in or around our community and are interested in receiving a dental implant in Lexington, Kentucky, we encourage you to come visit our dentist at Leestown Dental Center. We invite you to call 859-232-8883 today to schedule your initial consultation to determine if a dental implant is right for you.