Discover Your Hidden Smile with Dental Veneers

  Your oral health often depends on many factors. Even if your teeth are in good condition, they may not have the appearance that you are looking for. If you are hoping for an improved appearance through a tooth restoration, numerous treatments exist within the field of cosmetic dentistry to... Read more »

Please Take Note of Dental Attrition Symptoms

The alignment of your teeth plays an important role in the appearance of your smile, as well as your ability to efficiently bite, chew and grind food. Misaligned teeth are often prone to chips, dental fractures, and chronic conditions that affect the integrity of the tooth enamel. As one misaligned... Read more »

The Steps to Building a Better Smile: Invisalign®

Have you ever heard of Invisalign®? Invisalign is a highly effective orthodontic aligner system designed to straighten teeth without the mess of wires and metal brackets that accompany traditional braces and orthodontic treatments. A metal-free treatment ensures your smile can be straightened without the burden of any social stigmas that... Read more »

Fills the Gaps in Your Smile with Dental Implants

Without daily dental care and regular professional treatment by a dentist, untreated dental problems can severely damage a tooth. If a dental problem such as tooth decay or periodontal disease becomes severe enough, it might lead to the loss of one or more teeth. In a severe case, Dr. Dickson... Read more »

What is Plaque and How Can It Hurt Me?

Plaque is a sticky film that clings to the teeth, attacks the smile, and alters your oral health if you let it. It is a dangerous substance that can promote tooth decay and gum disease. It’s important to remove it regularly otherwise your smile might reap the consequences. Plaque is... Read more »

Pregnancy: What Foods Should You Eat?

If you want to help your baby to create a healthy body and healthy pearly whites, it’s imperative to be selective of the varieties of foods and drinks you consume while you’re pregnant. You can use the following ideas to assist your baby to develop healthy chompers. As always, chomping... Read more »

Mouth Sores: Oral Thrush

Do you have white cuts or a rash on your tongue and/or the walls of your cheeks? Are they raised and do they appear at all like cottage cheese? If so, you might have an ailment known as dental thrush or dental candidiasis. This infection is caused by the yeast... Read more »

TOOTH HAZARDS: Bruxism, Bones & Chewing Gum

With some cautious prevention, your teeth can last for years on end. And that doesn’t just mean brushing your teeth, either. For greatest dental health, you need to be mindful of what hazards can impact your oral health and how you can foil them. Here are a few things you... Read more »

A Large Area of Dental Attrition Might Be Treatable with a Dental Crown

Dental attrition can occur when minor misalignment problems cause two of your teeth to wear on each other. As an increasing amount of tooth enamel is worn away the compromised surface can cause tooth sensitivity, promote a new cavity, or even lead to a severe dental fracture. If the area... Read more »

VELscope – Oral Cancer Screening

We continually look for advances to ensure optimum oral health care to our patients. We now have the VELscope. The VELscope is a hand-held device that provides dentists and hygienists with an easy-to-integrate adjunctive mucosal examination system for the early detection of a wide variety of oral diseases, including pre-cancer... Read more »